Sunday, May 30, 2010

LPO Conference paves the way

India needs one successful LPO Conference, once done; the job is done. Attempts must be made to familiarize foreign buyers with the Indian conditions as well as Indian talents. The fear phobia would be gone in a few interactions.

The distance between US and India as well as the cultural gap restrains the medium sized foreign law firms from off-shoring work to India. Knowing well in their heart of hearts that they stand to gain, the small and medium sized law firms still sit back and keep on wondering about the negative consequences.

Our efforts at any LPO Conference should be to allow them to speak their hearts out and listen to their expectations from us…we need to invite them to specifically speak out as to what kind of training do they expect us to give to our LPO employees, what action/s on our part shall make them feel at home and comfortable.

The so called big LPOs have a sack full to spend on their marketing efforts and they would not much be affected by a Conference either taking place or not taking place in India. The ones who stand to gain are the small and medium sized ones. They are the ones which work on restricted budgets on every count. Their executives need to think twice before traveling to a foreign destination for official work.

Having a whole bundle of buyers right on the Indian soils would allow the small and medium sized LPO vendors to interact with the foreign buyers and thus gain exposure.

One successful LPO Conference shall pave the way for such an event on an annual basis. We shall write in details about the features of the upcoming LPO Conference in out next post.