Monday, November 1, 2010

*Information Technology for LPO*

To quote, Information technology sustains Legal Process Offshoring would be
never far away from reality. The technology has made the growth of LPO
sector possible. Have you thought, how is LPO & IT related?

Legal Process Offshoring requires huge amounts of data to be transferred
between the legal firm and LPO. Significantly, LPO has to process and
maintain this data. Therefore, information technology stands with legal
data right from its transit from the legal firm to the LPO Company, each
stage of data handling, storage, processing and journey back to the legal

Information Technology provides many solutions for the LPO like data
encryption and coding, network and data security, data base management
systems, digital technical libraries, software for handling legal work,
technology to supervise work by the legal firms in far away locations and
promote communication between LPO and the legal firm.

Data encryption and coding is an unavoidable part as confidential data is
transferred sometimes across open networks; so, the security of data needs
to be ensured. Providing network and data security is yet another important
requirement. The computer networks and data within the LPO and legal firm
have to be protected against any attempt to retrieve or damage data and
against attack by computer viruses by placing sufficient security systems
such as firewall.

Client data can run into huge volumes. Hence, a suitable data base
management system is needed to manage this data, calling for storing it in a
stacked manner and a system to easy access and provision to work with the
data. Fail-safe systems to prevent any loss of data should also be
incorporated. Preparing legal work would mean scrolling through digital
libraries on legal books, case studies and in case of patents a database of
old patents etc.

Open softwares are available for handling legal work, but the industry
depends on proprietary software sometimes custom build to suit individual
requirements. These softwares contain tools made specially to operate
functions needed in the process of legal work. Some softwares provide access
for the legal firm to monitor work from their offices abroad.

Communication is a key to any business, the Information technology has
brought down distances between the concerns, and it makes no difference if
the firms are thousands of miles apart or in the same city. Utilities like
Video conferencing have made virtual conferences possible adding a punch
to effective communication.

IT, therefore, becomes an inseparable part of legal process of offshoring by
bringing security, systematize, communication and facilitate work to be done
in remote locations. Information technology would certainly evolve with LPO
providing solutions all the way in every turn of future. Join us at Global
LPO Conference 2010 and learn more about IT and LPO from the veterans.

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