Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*Investing in LPO*

More and more firms coming out to catch with the demands in legal offshoring work, the sense is in right investments, a perfect strategy to follow for a better return to your investments. LPO is for sure a golden opportunity that the legal industry throws on far flung destinations, but many newly started LPOs had to down the shutters for not able to tap this prospect.

Like any demanding industry, legal process offshoring firms require a strategy to maintain infrastructure. Market services, have a good legal team, a highly decorated office or a flaringly designed office would not help secure the market. The organizational make-up should not only impress the clients, also satisfy their challenging concerns about the firm.

European and US firms have a very different outsourcing perspective than the local legal firms; they are very concerned about deliverables and quality standards. Costs and savings may not be the top priority in all circumstances. To make sure their quality criterion are fulfilled, they want to see people behind the veil; to know how well trained they are; their selection procedures and would prefer their own lawyers joining the offshoring office. Using proclaimed softwares, integrated data security systems and secured work places also give them a judgment of quality and credibility of the LPO. Evidently, a work force and infrastructure that is just not capable but also satisfy their concerns or looks good in their view should be tacitly designed.

New start LPO also falls out from US market for lack of competent staff, the Indian lawyers are not trained on the US law and there is little number of institutes imparting the training. Lack of knowledge on US law in such LPO degrades the quality of work leading to loosing work from the client. Legal firms are also reluctant to give a second chance; hence a one time bad mark can prove crucial to future work from the client.

Pointing to all these aspects of Legal Process offshoring, a right
investment or budget that look beyond the office infrastructure and a
qualified legal team to a more polished ambience, which enlightens your LPO in front of the clients, will pave to better marketing of the services.

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